【DragonAge Inquisiton】 RBS overhaul Hints and Tips

RBS overhaul Hint and Tips
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 This page talks about RBS overhaul Hints and Tips.
 High difficulty setting of RBS overhaul is very hard.
 I was on the list some Hints and Tips.

※ Attention included spoiler.

 If you can not go ahead, it will be useful

■ Technique and Knowlege

・ Motion chancel
  This technique advantageous for DPS and Stamina management
  by increasing the number of basic attack.
  DAI can cancel basic attack motion by ''serch'' and ''Shield Wall''.
  It is possible to increase the number of basic attack motion cancel.

  Motion cancel is possible other than Bow and Bianca.
  As an alternative to Motion cancel in RBS overhaul
  Bow:Multishot Ability
  Bianca:Piercing Arrows

  Let's maintain these stamina by using these.

・ Think Mana Stamina support
  First of all, Let's equip Sigil.
  Next, let the warrior and rogue raise the rotation of basic attack.
  Mage uses a Mana potion.
  Let's make effective use of passive abilities complementing Mana/Stamina.

  Warrior's Resolve, Shadow Strike very supported.

・ Shield Wall Holding
  Effective techniques when you want to decoy shielder during middle range battle.
  Character Select > Pause > Shield Wall > Character Change > Pause cancel
  It is effective when you want to manualy mage etc,
  after a shielder gets a hate with a challenge.

  When using Chevalier's Step, It is also effective this technique.

・ Line in the Sand vertical placement
  This technique becomes advantageous long range battle
  by immobilization Line in the Sand.

  Line in the Sand holding procedure
  Line in the Sand actived > Shield Wall Holding

  Immobilize Line in the Sand it for an enemy in lengthwise direction.
  Effective techniques when can be shut out ranged damage
  to Brackwall during middle range battle.

・ Just Guard
  This technique is effective for Stamina management.
  Since the recovery of the stamina is slow in RBS,
  let's Just Guard enemy attack by Shield Wall and preserve the Stamina.
  Although it is a fine point, stacking is important.

・ Amplified Blade advantage
  Cassandra is effective Amplified Blade for middle range battle.
  Amplified Blade damage up by RBS overhaul.
  and judge the attack without reducing Stamina.

・ Wall of Ice advantage
・ Ice Armor
  It is pain damage because there is no Barrier in RBS.
  Let's use it effectively because there are a lot of characters master Ice Armor.

・ Enemy conduct
  Some range attack enemies can be induced if they are blocked with Wall of Ice
  If enemy attacks are intense, defeat in detail.

・ Interference
  Almost essential techniques for dangerous spot.
  When the number of enemies is large, we divide our strength.
  Let's use terrain effectively.

・ Dispel advantage
・ Stop special attack
  Dispel can eliminate certain enemy's special attacks.
  Let's stop gazing at enemy movement.

・ eliminate deamon
  Dispel and Spell parge is possible eliminate
  before materialization deamon by rift.

・ Use Spell Combo
  It is effective also for spell combo because the range is wide.

・ Knight Protector advantage
  Knight Protector can master Solas only.
  (※ Main character can not be learned)
  Rejuvenating Barrier recovery health 25% Normally.
  Knight Protector can recovery health 35%.
  The survival rate should rise for party.

・ Block and Slash and Parry while back attacking
  DAI has many enemies with attack judgment on back as well.
  So counter abilities are effective even during back attack.

・ Lock on teq
  If Lock on is clicked, there is no distance limit.
  It is effective for shaving enemies from a distance.
  If a range attaker assaults, it will stop turn back.
  Abilities have no distance limitation.
  Warcry is short range, but Challenge is no distance limit.

・ Forcibly Standding
  You can force standing in several ways.
  Payback Strike and Healing Potion

■ Q&A

Q. Recovery can not make it in time

A. Since Healing Potion is very weakened, let's use Regeneration Potion.
  Let's use Rejuvenating Barrier manually in important point.
  If it still does not make it in time, use together HeelMist.

Q. Poison Ability not too weak?

A. Poison Damage have Sigil assumption.
  Deathroot Sigil:Poison Damage +150%/Max Mana Stamina +100
  Felandaris Sigil:Poison Damage +200%/Max Mana Stamina +75

  Poison will be main skill if equipped Poison Sigil.
  "Tears of the Dead" "Jar of Bees" this same.

  Poison damage does not overlap.
  But "Tears of the Dead" "Jar of Bees" can overlap.
  Therefore, it is very strong combination.

Q. MasterCraft Ability not too weak?

A. MasterCraft Ability weakened in RBS overhaul.
  You really want to use MasterCraft Ability, let's accumulate.
  Even the same effect can accumulate if the parameters are different.
  On hit:Guard 2 Gain + On hit:Guard 2 Gain ×
  On hit:Guard 2 Gain + On hit:Guard 3 Gain = On hit:Guard 5 Gain

Q. Weak power player side.

A. Please use the shop new lineup
  2nd stage recommend Griffon Wing Keep merchant
  order many Tier2 Schematics.
  3rd stage recommend Canyon merchant in Hissing Wastes.
  order many Tier3 low Schematics.
  4th stage recommend Suledin Keep Merchant.
  order many Tier3 Schematics.

Q. The enemies of the rifts too strong

A. In some cases, you may not be able to clear if you are not ready.
  Let's give it up and let it through at that time.
  The first team is effective to shave from the area limit of the rift.
  There are rifts where distance can not be taken depending on the place.
  That kind of rift is total war. Let's prepare thoroughly.

  Wraith bullet cope with Shield Wall Holding, Just Guard,
  Line in the Sand vertical placement, Amplified Blade, Wall of Ice Induction

Q. Spell Binder can not be kill

A. Spell Binder has become a very strong enemy by Trial effect and RBS effect.
  Barrier recast is very strong. Lets use Dispel and Spell parge.
  Let's keep abilities of state abnormality at the timing
  when Barrier can be destroy and make it immovable.
  Let's challenge after upper the level if you think it is strict.

Q. Location Barrier not destroy

A. Vanila Bug.
  The effect of Traial effect reflecte in Location Barrier.
  Save and load.
  After load, You can destroy high power spell ability and basic attack.